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Making Health Policy (Understanding Public Health)
By Kent Buse, Nicholas Mays, Gill Walt

I have know both Kent and Jill for many years (both of whom where in fact lectures at LSTHM when I was a student there. Over the years they have become know as leading thinkers in the area of health policy and have impacted on the thinking of not only myself, but academics, government officials, and global health leaders, the world over. - Greg Martin

This is a collection of short stories and anecdotes that I wrote a few years ago. The short stories have nothing to do with public health but he anecdotes are about my life working in a paediatric clinic servicing a rural community in the Western Cape of South Africa. - Greg Martin 

Introduction To Global Health
By Kathryn H. Jacobsen

Richard has been an inspiration and mentor to so many global health professionals (including myself) over the years. His book combines his deep understanding of the issues with his wealth of experience in dealing with global health issues. I use it often - Greg Martin 

Kathryn has an unusual ability to take complicated subject matter and make it perfectly understandable. I found her book to be a fantastic overview of Global Health. A “must read”. - Greg Martin