This Week in Global Health (TWiGH ) is a weekly global health show where Dr. Martin and a team of qualified global health experts and SYPs (Students and Young Professionals) give a brief overview of current events and topics in the global health news space. Our panel represents the many disciplines within Global Health, and within each episode, we cover interesting topics or organizations in global health. Every week, we aim to provide more in-depth perspective on a subject, bringing in experts and highlighting different aspects of the topic, and creating a round-table environment for discussion within the panel and facilitating interaction with our online audience.


Our Regular Panelists

Along with established global health expert Dr. Greg Martin, TWiGH's panel is comprised of professionals that represent the future and emerging direction of global health.  In keeping with the multi-disciplinary nature of the global health sector, our regular panelists come from a variety of educational backgrounds (MD, PhD, MSc, MPH, MBA, etc) and specializations (clinical medicine, science, education, nutrition, communications, and more). They also come from diverse geographic backgrounds and report weekly from their locations around the world. However, they all have one thing in common - a passion for everything global health.  Each week, our panelists come together to present the latest updates and research in this space and to provide an informed and interactive commentary for the current and emerging global health community.

Greg Martin , MD, MPH, MBA  hello@twigh.org   @drgregmartin

Greg Martin, MD, MPH, MBA

Sulzhan Bali , PhD  sulzhan.bali@ twigh.org  @sulzhan

Sulzhan Bali, PhD

Terry Schmidt , DrHA

Terry Schmidt, DrHA

Brian Simpson   @briansimpson99

Brian Simpson

Behind the camera

The people behind the camera are just as important to making TWiGH happen each week. These people help with TWiGH outreach and communications, blogging, and production.

Marie Onakomaiya, PhD Blog Editor-in-Chief  marie.onakomaiya@twigh.org

Marie Onakomaiya, PhD
Blog Editor-in-Chief

Deepti Venkatra  man  Boston-area Liaison

Deepti Venkatraman
Boston-area Liaison

Sarah Weber Blog Manager  sarah.weber@twigh.org

Sarah Weber
Blog Manager

Gabriella Meltzer  Social Media Assistant

Gabriella Meltzer
Social Media Assistant

Guest Panelists

We have a variety of expert guest speakers appearing on the show, sometimes returning to TWiGH to impart their wisdom upon us!

Vania De La Fuente Nunez   

Vania De La Fuente Nunez

Natasha Matthews    @natasha_r_matthews

Natasha Matthews


Lucia Frenandez Montoya    @LucyFerMon

Lucia Frenandez Montoya