The Public Health Innovation Hub? 

What it is:

The “Innovation Hub” brings together public health professionals who have innovative ideas for public health interventions and experienced professionals with the range of expertise needed to refine and progress the ideas using an online video conferencing platform. The Innovation Hub also takes steps to give visibility to new ideas and uses crowd-funding mechanisms to raise initial funds for these new innovations.

 The problem:

Most truly innovative ideas are pinned to their starting blocks of life because:

1.     truly novel ideas are unlikely to fall neatly into the stated funding agenda of funding agencies and

2.     the necessary expertise to refine the pitch may not be at the disposal of the innovator (particularly if he or she is young).

 The solution:

The Innovation Hub undertakes the following steps to help progress new ideas in the public health and global health space:

1.     The Hub has a preliminary vetting process aimed at identifying ideas and suggestions that meet criteria for feasibility and impact. These ideas can be anything from a research question to a social entrepreneurial venture. The idea must be currently unfunded.

2.     The Hub then works with the innovator to identify the right expertise (and experts) needed to refine the idea and generate a meaningful “pitch”

3.     The Hub facilitates an online video conference that includes the innovator and relevant experts (including representatives from funding agents). This video conference is hosted by This Week in Global Health (TWiGH) and takes place in front of a “live” global audience. The purpose of hosting a live “show” is two fold:

a.     Getting the idea in front of a large global audience (like that of TWiGH) will give the idea visibility and facilitate identifying important collaborating partners and other stakeholders needed to progress the idea.

b.     The “live” show and continued visibility of YouTube and other platforms will form the beginning of a crowd-funding campaign aimed at providing initial seed funding to get the idea off the ground.

4.     The Hub supports the innovator in putting together a crowd-funding campaign.

 The ask:

The Public Health Innovation Hub and TWiGH are looking

1.     for people with ideas that they would like to pitch and

2.     people with experience and expertise who could participate in panel discussion to develop ideas.




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