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Abortion as a Global Health issue

On this episode of This Week in Global Health, panelists discuss abortion and reproductive rights as a global health issue, following the issue being raised during the current Zika virus crisis.  The team discusses how lack of access to legal abortions lead to unsafe abortions and increased maternal mortality and morbidity, what countries have legalized abortion, and perspectives from reproductive rights advocacy in Ecuador. Jessica Taaffe, Vijoleta Gordeljevic, Marie Onakomaiya, and Sarah Borg are featured as panelists and co-produced this episode.

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Neglected Tropical Diseases on TWiGH

In this episode of This Week in Global Health we talk about Neglected Tropical Diseases. The team interviews Ken Gustavsen (from Merck) and Donald Bundy (from the Gates Foundation) who provide incredible insight into the fight against neglected disease.

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Global Health News Roundup - February 2016

On this episode of This Week in Global Health, panelists discuss air pollution as a global health problem, maternal mental health screening, science and technology in disaster risk reduction, and yellow fever immunization updates. Jessica Taaffe, Vijoleta Gordeljevic, Marie Onakomaiya, and Sarah Borg are featured as panelists and co-produced this episode.

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Mycetoma: The Most Neglected Disease of 2015

To highlight the Neglected Tropical Disease (NTD) Awareness Week, TWiGH brings to you a conversation with Amy Maxmen- who recently wrote a series on Mycetoma with Global Health Now. Mycetoma is a disease, so neglected, that it is not even on the WHO NTD list. Mycetoma was selected by Global Health Now as the most neglected disease in 2015 between 170 entries for its annual 'Untold Stories in Global Health' contest. Mycetoma is a disfiguring, chronic subcutaneous infection of the limbs, caused by bacterial actinomycetes or fungi. The disease is endemic in parts of Africa, India, and Mexico. It does not have a cure and very little is known about it. To learn more about Mycetoma, please check out Global Health Now's 3 part series on Mycetoma by Amy Maxmen:

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Zika Virus

This Week in Global Health or TWiGH presents Global Health Out Loud with Sulzhan Bali & Jessica Taaffe. This week they discuss Zika virus.

Zika virus is a flavivirus named after Zika forest in Uganda. Zika virus is an arbovirus- meaning a virus transmitted via mosquito as its vector. The virus is endemic in Asia and Africa but has recently spread to Americas where it has been linked to Microcephaly in babies. Check out this segment to learn more about the virus and why its all over the news lately.

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Global Health Accomplishments in 2015

In this episode of TWIGH, the team review the Global Health Accomplishments in 2015 including achievements in malaria, HIV, water, research, poverty reduction, maternal and child health, the SDGs, polio and more

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Global Goals / SDGs PART 2 - Sustainability, Financing, Global Public Goods

Sustainability, financing & feasibility of SDGs. Can ear-marked aid for global public good distort national priorities? This week TWiGH goes in-depth in discussing further on the global goals or Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDGs are part of the newly-adopted “2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development,” signed off by 193 world leaders at the UN summit in September. SDGs replace the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) as a roadmap for global priorities over the next 15 years.

Our panel goes in-depth in discussing what is sustainable and how SDGs include goals for environmental, social, and economic sustainability. The panel also discusses the issues around the “sustainability” of these global goals, and the kind of impact these goals can have on nations worldwide. What are the challenges for the indicators of the SDGs? What is the resource gap to achieve these goals? Find answers to these questions and more!

Not familiar with the global goals? Learn about the SDGs in under 5 minutes here:

If you would like to read more about SDGS then please check out the following links :

TWiGH Season 2 Episode 7- SDGs
Date: November 29, 2015
Panelists: Greg Martin, Sulzhan Bali, Jessica Taaffe, Vijoleta Gordeljevic, Chase Perfect
Produced by: Sulzhan Bali

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Sustainable Development Goals PART 1

This week TWiGH brings to you an overview of the sustainable development goals or the SDGs. Learn about what are the SDGs and how do they differ from the Millennium Development Goals or the MDGs. Want to learn more? Check out PART 2 of the SDGs for in-depth analysis
Read more: 17 goals, 169 targets too much of good thing at UN summit by Phyllis Pomerantz
The New Global Goals Spell the End of Kinky Development by Lant Pritchett

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An Interview with Dr. Hans Rosling

Hans Rosling, Prof of International Health at Karolinska Institute and renown statistician appears on TWiGH for an interview about all things Global Health, Gapminder, and his journey to what he does now.  As far as we are concerned, we can drop the mic and walk away- amazing guest and episode!

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