This Week in Global Health is a weekly, "live" video news roundup giving you up-to-date news and information as to what's happening in the global health space. We broadcast a panel discussion using Google+ Hangout on Air. You can watch each episode on Google+, on YouTube or here on our webpage. Each episode is then uploaded onto our YouTube channel and here onto the webpage for you to watch at a later time. We also send out the "show notes" to our subscribers that includes all of the URLs of webpages that we refer to during each show. 

We want TWiGH to be "interactive" and encourage our audience to interact and participate with questions and comments during and after each show. Questions and comments can be sent directly though the webpage or sent as a tweet using the hashtag #TWIGH 

Please do send us any feedback, comments, thoughts, suggestions etc. We really want to make this into a useful resource for all global health professionals and will do our best to respond to any suggestions sent. 

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